COVID-19 has been a particularly challenging experience for residents of Newark, specifically the elderly and individuals with underlying

conditions.  United Way of Greater Newark is leading a campaign with the support of Believe In A Healthy Newark, La Casa de Don Pedro, Clinton Hill Community Action, Newark Emergency Services for Families and Urban league of Essex County to educate the community on the importance of the potentially lifesaving anti-viral Paxlovid. 

Paxlovid is an oral pill that can be taken at home to help keep high-risk patients from getting so sick that they need to be hospitalized. If you test positive for the coronavirus, are over the age of 12, and are considered high risk, you may be eligible to take the pills and lower your risk of going to the hospital and even death. The purpose of this initiative is to educate our community, empower them to have these conversations with their health care provider, and ensure they have all the tools to navigate through this pandemic. Believe in A Healthy Newark is proud to be a partner in this initiative. For more information on Paxlovid, click on link