is about ACEs


A Time to Heal — From Generation to Generation

The challenge facing Milwaukee and similar high-poverty cities
goes beyond education, crime and jobs

By John Schmid of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

From generation to generation: The challenge facing Milwaukee and similar high-poverty cities goes beyond education, crime and jobs

A Dream Derailed

An Intractable problem: For the last half-century, Milwaukee has been caught in a relentless social and economic spiral

‘I’m defying the odds’: Far too many children face lives of trauma and not nearly enough find paths to healing

The unlikeliest neighborhood: A 19th Century concept finds a new home, as Amani becomes a test case watched nationwide

Lessons from history: Despite crime and poverty, Clarke Square evinces an entrepreneurial spirit that’s high in vibrancy and dreams for the next generation

Impact of childhood trauma reaches rural Wisconsin: Wisconsin’s rural underclass shares a bond with some of the worst neighborhoods in Milwaukee.  It’s just better hidden

Wisconsin childhood trauma data explodes myth of ‘not in my small town’:  Seeds of today’s adult distress often were planted years earlier 





Photos of the 2017 Building a Culture of Health in Newark Conference!

Some of the many
hard-working volunteers,
welcoming & checking attendees in,
at the registration tables.



​Bob Atkins, President of
New Jersey Health Initiatives
delivering his inspiring speech
to the plenary session.


​Charisse Carrion,
from Greater Newark Healthcare Coalition,
capturing the key points
in one of the “breakout sessions.​”


Denise Rodgers,
Vice Chancellor for Interprofessional Programs
RBHS Endowed Professorship in IPE
Professor of Family Medicine
Director, Rutgers Urban Health and Wellness Institute
Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences,
pleased with the turn-out and the success.


Some of the members of
the steering committee of
the Believe in a Health Newark Initiative.




Support for this program was provided in part by a grant from
the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s
New Jersey Health Initiatives program

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