The Believe in a Healthy Newark (BHN) coalition facilitates, develops and implements programming that seeks to create a culture of health in the South and West wards of Newark. Led by a diverse set of cross-sector partners, the steering committee was formed in 2014 and was awarded a 4-year New Jersey Healthcare Initiatives Communities Moving into Action grant in 2015. Currently, the coalition partners to bridge the gaps in information and services in three impact areas: healthy homes, focused on lead poisoning and asthma reduction; food and fitness focused on access to healthy food and recreation; and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) focused on awareness and education. The creation of the three Impact Teams has brought together a wide-ranging group of community-based organizations working in partnership to reduce disparities by addressing the social determinants of health.




BHN Steering Committee Members

Support for this program was provided in part by a grant from
the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s
New Jersey Health Initiatives program